Drugs and the Amer Dream Rendi

Writer: Patricia A. Adler | Number of Pages: 456 pages
Date: 28-02-2012 | ISBN: 0470670274

TitleDrugs and the Amer Dream
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ISBN review0470670274
ISBN13 review9780470670279'
Total page456 pages
WriterPatricia A. Adler, Peter Adler, Patrick O'Brien
Drugs and the Amer Dream Drugs and the American Dream presents an up-to-date anthology of chiefly contemporary readings that explore the myriad sociological correlates of licit and illicit drug use in the United States.Unique approach to the topic that offers an organizing theme of sociological concepts-age, social class, ethnicity, gender, as well as societal response to drug use including drug education, treatment, and policy. The book is interdisciplinary in terms of approach, making it useful in a variety of contexts. Includes a wide array of ethnographic articles that place reader directly into the perspectives of drug users through their own voices Brief framing introductions to each article provide -interconnective tissue, - guiding the student to the heart of what's important in the piece that follows. Off…drugs, amer, dream, Adult, Business, Inspirational, Paranormal, Travel, Vampires, Non fiction, History, War, Gardening