The Radiant Rendi

Writer: Shirley Lauro | Number of Pages: 76 pages
Date: 20-08-2014 | ISBN: 0573702918

TitleThe Radiant
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ISBN review0573702918
ISBN13 review9780573702914'
Total page76 pages
WriterShirley Lauro
The Radiant Set one hundred years ago in Paris, "The Radiant" centers on the true, tempestuous, and love-torn life of Madame Marie Curie. Widowed at thirty-nine, with two young children to raise and support, she becomes involved in a scandalous affair with her young married assistant, an affair which rocks Paris and nearly costs her her career - and her life. But, she survives this and the great bias against women scientists throughout Europe then and goes on to discover and isolate radium, earn two Nobel Prizes, and revolutionize the world of science forever, ushering in "The Atomic Age" and the first cure for cancer.…radiant, Business, Biography, Biography, Language, Biography memoir, Music, Crime, Health, Science, Biography memoir