What's Hatching? (Jakers (8x8)) Rendi

Writer: Entara Ltd. | Number of Pages: 24 pages
Date: 08-01-2008 | ISBN: 0689878613

TitleWhat's Hatching? (Jakers (8x8))
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ISBN review0689878613
ISBN13 review9780689878619'
Total page24 pages
WriterEntara Ltd., Catherine Lukas, Entara Ltd. Staff
What's Hatching? (Jakers (8x8)) One sunny spring day Piggley and his friends Ferny and Dannan find an egg. Theythink it is a dragon's egg, and work hard to keep the special egg safe and warmso it can hatch. But when the egg hatches, Piggley and his friends are in for quite a surprise--it's not a dragon at all…, hatching, jakers, Politics, Essays, Fantasy, Mystery, Contemporary, Spirituality, Contemporary, Young adult, Self help, Philosophy