Group Work: A Counseling Specialty Rendi

Writer: Samuel T. Gladding | Number of Pages: 157
Date: 28-09-1990 | ISBN: 0130613053

TitleGroup Work: A Counseling Specialty
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ISBN review0130613053
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WriterSamuel T. Gladding
Group Work: A Counseling Specialty The fourth edition of this highly readable book examines all of the essential skills required to be an effective leader of a variety of groups in a variety of settings. It explores the history of group therapy work, and the development of groups—how they grow, how they change, and how various groups differ. It addresses the specifics of working with children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. And, it discusses ten prominent theoretical perspectives from which groups can be approached, covering how each theory evolved, how it is practiced, and the results it most commonly achieves. Includes coverage of working with gay/lesbian/bisexual clients in groups and includes expanded coverage of the multicultural aspects of group work and understanding the influence of culture, ethnicity, reli…group, work, counseling, specialty, Graphic novels, Business, Spirituality, Fantasy, Chick-lit, Music, History, Self help, Fantasy, Travel