Elephi, the Cat With the High IQ Rendi

Writer: Jean Stafford | Number of Pages: 77 pages
Date: 31-12-1969 | ISBN: NA

TitleElephi, the Cat With the High IQ
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Total page77 pages
WriterJean Stafford, Erik Blegvad
Elephi, the Cat With the High IQ Elephi Pelephi Well Known Cat Formerly Kitten lives in a city apartment with a nice but slightly boring couple. Desperate for a playmate and some intelligent conversation, he manages to smuggle in a small foreign car which had been stuck in a snowdrift. When Elephi's new companion is discovered in the storeroom, there is a lots of confusion, and some rollicking fun!…with, high, Contemporary, Inspirational, Music, Western, Spirituality, Religion, Vampires, Non fiction, Biography, Biography